26 August 2010

No Two Makeup Artists Are Created Equal

Bridal Makeup Artist, Fashion Makeup Artist, Body Painting Artist, Film Makeup Artist, etc. Why do we want to limit and label ourselves? It is a creative industry and yet we want to put restrictions to our potential greatness.  That is why, we are bringing you:

Creating My Makeup Career with Vena Osman

This talk is designed especially for makeup artists, as well as aspiring makeup artists to find their niche in the industry. You may have these questions in your mind:

- What type of makeup artist am I?
- What type of makeup artist do I want to be?

Let us assist you in creating a clear career objective that suits your own unique ambition. 

Date: 30 Aug 2010
Time: 8 - 10 pm
Where: Amadesa Resort Condominium, Jalan 5/125, Desa Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Come and join us! RSVP now:

SMS MUA < Your Name >  < No of Pax>
to +60122506664 / +60176216150

Payment at the door: RM80/pax
Payment before the program: RM60/pax
Bring a buddy and pay only *RM50/pax!

*Applicable only to payment before the program.

Bank Details:
Maybank: 164490059213
CIMB: 08110018164528
Kindly email the bank-in slip to afifah@gmail.com

For more information, please contact +60122506664 (Pip).

Upcoming Event: How to manage your makeup business - a business owner approach.

About Our Lead Facilitator - VENA OSMAN

Makeup/ Special FX Artist – Beauty Therapist – Makeup/Beauty Trainer – Beauty Empowerment Coach

Vena Osman is an active film and fashion makeup artist and entrepreneur. She has been active in the makeup industry and working as a beauty consultant and therapist for over 9 years – expanding into creative directing, fashion, film and photography for the past 5 years and furthermore into special effects makeup for the past 4 years. This aspiring producer has been networking and actively working in the film and fashion industry in Australia, France, New Zealand, London, Norway, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Italy, Japan, Monaco, Korea and Switzerland.

Vena is the embodiment of a woman living her passion. Inspired at the early age of 6 by the magic that can be created with unlimited possibilities of the imagination, she dedicated her life's work to create platforms for people to recognize their inner beauty and sharing it with the world as a beauty empowerment coach. She's outrageous, vivacious and yet practical. With almost a decade of experience, Vena has also channeled her talents and her deep love for people in bringing out from within the beauty that in each and every one of us.

Vena has devoted a significant part of her life as a volunteer working with disabled children, teenagers/youths going through depression and anxiety, helping women who go through challenges with self-esteem and self-worth, people suffering from disorders related to bulimia, anorexia, and trauma such as rape and abused. She is also an ambassador for a skin cancer research institute, women's health, sustainable environment and natural living.

Vena was recently featured on BFM 89.9 - The Business Station, talking about Women and Cosmetics. Listen to her here!

Visit our facebook event page. 

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