23 June 2014


Yes, wow is exactly the word to describe this blog.. It's been eons (well, that's an exaggeration) since I last posted. And looking at these posts, I'm heading to a different direction now.. Not much difference, but slightly. I'm still doing makeup and anything that has got to do with face.. but one of the most important difference is now I am offering COMPLIMENTARY personal skincare and makeup class (T&C apply of course). But only for personal use. Anyways, I'm looking forward to more posts in the future (I hope!)

I have also updated my services rates.. so please feel free to click on the tab that says 'My Rates' above. I believe that rates should be publicly available for easy shortlisting by the customers, don't you? So feel free to SMS, whatsapp or viber.. I'll do my best to respond.

Till next post, tata!

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