06 July 2015

A Feature on i100 - The Independent Website

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a makeup tutorial done by Nikkie on half of her face. She was inspired to do the half-face look from the RuPaul Drag Race (something that we will never see on our shores). Anyways there has been a lot of makeup shaming lately, so that's her motivation for the look. People's been saying that those who wear makeup is either insecure of themselves, doing it for boys or don't love themselves for who they are.

Well, chill people, chill. Makeup is just makeup. Whatever side you're on, please don't shame all those on the other side. It's that simple. I am a makeup artist, yes. But I didn't really wear makeup until I was in my mid twenties. There's no need to shame people who are not in the same boat as you. If you don't like makeup, fine. If you love makeup, it is also fine. I just don't get why people have to put down others who don't have the same opinion as them. Just do your own business. Everybody is happy, right?

So I remember that I did a picture collage of my face with and without makeup many months before, or maybe end of last year. I uploaded it and hashtagged it with #thepowerofmakeup just to show that I support the notion that makeup is fun, and you can wear it or not wear it, and there's no shame in that. As simple as that.

And a couple days ago, which is about almost 2 weeks after I posted the photo on my Instagram, someone (@sniffingflowers) whom I believe I have never met, left me a comment on that post. So sweet of her to do that. She also left me a link from where she found out about my post.
A photo posted by AfifA @ Pip Kasim (@afifa__) on

Went and typed the link on my browser and there it was. My post was featured as part of the article on i100. Apparently it is a sub-division of The Independent, just that the news that are listed on the site is voted by viewers.

I have to say, although it is a little feature of my post, I'm still ecstatic and excited to see it. Hehe.. Hence this blog post, I just want to remember my first International media mention. That's all. Thanks again to Haneesa, for pointing out the feature to me. Without you, I would have never known of it as i100 is never in my go-to website list.

Title of the article

A little background story

That's me! Little ol' me.. :D

You can view the full article here. And here's Nikkie's half-face tutorial on Youtube:

Till next post, take care!

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