26 November 2014

Everyday EASY Makeup Look

Yup, it's very easy. It looks like I spent a lot of time doing this look, but I probably took around 15 minutes. I could go faster, but I wasn't rushing or anything.

Okay, so here's how I accomplish this look.

Step 1: Base
Before putting on any kind of makeup on your face, please make sure your face is properly moisturized. I then put on foundation primer, followed by the matte-wear liquid foundation in Beige 5 and Bronze 1. I actually mix those two shades as my skin has gone slightly fairer over the time from the Timewise skincare regime. I apply the foundation mix all over my face using a foundation brush. Then I set the foundation using translucent loose powder.

Step 2: Eyes
First, I dabbed the eye primer all over my lids. Then I started with a warm peachy, shimmery color, Antique Rose by putting it on my eyelids. I started in the center, right on top of my iris, and blend in towards inner corner of my eyes.Then I use a medium brown color, Hazelnut, to contour my crease. This was followed by a darker shade of brown, Espresso, at the outer corner of my eyes. I then use a small brush to put some Espresso at the bottom lash line, concentrating at the outer corner of my eyes. Then I took the eyeliner and lined my waterline, top and bottom. I also put some eyeliner on top of my lid, just at the outer corner and set it from the black eye color from the Tuxedo palette. To finish my eyes, I put on double coat of waterproof Lash Love mascara in Black. I then filled in my eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil in Brunette.

Step 3: Cheek
I swept Pink Petals on the apples of my cheek.

Step 4: Lips
I always wear the Satin Lips lip balm before my lipstick. For this look, I put on True Dimension lipstick in Tangerine Pop.


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