03 December 2014

Katy Perry "Dark Horse" Inspired Look

It's been a while since I did some creative, outrageous makeup look (by my standard, this isn't outrageous yet). Last week I posted some choices on my instagram account. By far I had the highest vote (maybe just 3 haha..) for this look, so here I am, today, attempting it.

I started with clean and well moisturized face. Then I put on the Foundation Primer, followed by the matte-wear liquid foundation in Bronze 1 and Beige 5 mixed together. Then I put on highlight using concealer in Yellow and Bronze 1. Followed by contouring in Bronze 6. My I REALLY haven't put on this much makeup in a LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG time. Then I used the MUFE Compact Modellers highlight and contouring shades to set my foundation. Then I go over the T-zone area with Translucent Loose Powder.

I started with Eye Primer, dabbed all over my eyelid and bottom lid areas. Because it was a dramatic makeup, and it went beyond the normal eye colour placement, I put the primer in a bigger parameter around the eyes. Then I used the MUFE 12 Flash Color Case to start 'marking' the areas around my eyes. First I took Gold and put it in the inner corner of my eyes, following the bottom lashline and extended it past my outer corner of my eyes. Then I mixed Turquoise and Silver and washed it over the centre of my eyelid and blended it upwards and outwards. Then I took the the blue colour from the MK@Play Electric Spring, and set the turquoise colour I put on earlier. I then used the mineral eye colour in Midnight Start and created a crease from the outer corner of my eyes. Voila! NOT! Then the hardest and trickiest part, the eyeliner. I used gel liner in Jet Black and just follow the lines from this picture:

After finishing only I realized, I actually mirrored the image.. Oh well, no biggies. Put on false lashes and mascara, followed by shaping the eyebrows using eyebrow definer pencil in Brunette. I drew extra long and extra dramatic arched effect on the brows to match the eye colour of course.

Just quickly blend a mix of mineral cheek colour in Cherry Blossom and Citrus Bloom on the apples of my cheeks.

For a nude effect, I used the semi-matte lipstick in Pink Moonstone sans lip gloss. And Voila! For real.

I even tried wearing a blonde wig! Hahahah! Come visit my IG for pictures ;)

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