26 February 2015

L'Oreal Paris The Brush Contest - Malaysia Division

So, was staying at my sister's place to take care of her cats.. And one day I stumbled upon an ad about the contest. At first glance, I thought the contest is about looking for someone to design makeup brushes. At least that's what I thought. Upon further research and reading, I found out that it's actually a contest to look for L'Oreal's next makeup artist. They call it Makeup Designer (I know, kinda fancy). I had nothing much to do so read up on the Terms and Conditions and google on the contest some more.

The contest requires its competitors to upload a 3 minute Youtube video on a complete look with the theme Color Clash. I basically have everything I need to make a video.. Just that I had never done one before. But, I guess it never hurts to try, besides, I have time to kill. So one day, I set up my station (it's in my sister's kitchen by the way). I had a face chart prepared, but the actual outcome didn't really come close.

So then I just shot the video. The makeup part is not that hard. I just had to make sure the camera stay still, which a cheapo Daiso mini tripod helped a lot. But one of the cats, Tinkerbelle was so curious.. So she was walking around my kitchen studio in front of and behind the camera, looking at all of my makeup stuff. Very nosy.

The hardest part for me was actually shooting the section where I had to introduce myself to the camera. It was really my first time doing it. So it really felt weird talking to no one, and at the same time trying to put forth my personality. In between shots, I talked to another cat, Myka, who was napping right next to me. So it got me thinking, maybe if I included her? The terms didn't say "no animals allowed.." So I did. I think it was best to put her in, so that's why she is in.

The second hardest thing was to record voice over for the video. We are not allowed to use background music, so it's quite awkward to leave the video so quiet. So I decided to do some voice over. Well, it was hard because I couldn't put the cat in the voice over! I tried very hard to make my voice go up and down, avoiding monotonous voice. But I still ended up sounding like a narrator for TV Pendidikan. Sigh.. My sister thought the same too..

Well, putting the video and voice over together and editing is not the hardest part. I was quite surprised, but I guess my IT degree helped me with that. Tak sia-sia belajar multimedia dengan Ms Suziah Sulaiman dulu.

Anyways, I submitted my entry on the deadline - once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator.  On February 25th, L'Oreal Paris Malaysia emailed me to inform that my entry got through to the Top 50. Yeay! Now is my least favorite part of the competition, the VOTING! According to the T&C, voting is open to public from 26 February to 11 March. If you are reading this, please vote for me. It takes less than 2 minutes (depending on your Internet speed).

1. Go to http://www.thebrushcontest.com
2. At the select a country drop down box, choose 'Malaysia'. Click Enter.
3. You'll be taken automatically to L'Oreal Paris Malaysia youtube channel.
4. Search for my name 'Afifah'. Click on the video.
5. Hit 'VOTE' and you are done.

Your vote is counted when there's a little "Thank you" pop up. You can only vote once a day. So please help me vote. Once a day till 11 of March. I'd be so grateful!

Please share and keep the votes coming in!! I soooo want to go to Paris! Malaysia Bolehhh!!!!

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