05 May 2015

Mary Kay's Paradise Calling Collection

Last month, Mary Kay launched Paradise Calling, a new makeup collection inspired by the summer beach holiday. The makeup collection consists of three eye colour, three lip colours and four nail colours. I have looked around and there's also a moisturizing spray lotion that are not available in Malaysia. Being a makeup junkie that I am, I got myself all the eye and lip colours!

The lip colours are called Lacquered Lip Shine and they come in three shades; Sunbaked, Tropical Mandarin and Exotic Orchid. The eye colours are called Whipped Eye Colour and they come in three shades; Seafoam, Tiki Hut and Lagoon. 

The lacquered lip shine comes in a 6g tube, is moist and has a very high shine, without leaving me feeling too sticky. I am so loving the playful lip colours which really scream summer. 

The  whipped eye colour is in a very big pot of 5g and has a mousse-like consistency to it. It's very easy to blend using a fluffy brush or any small blending brush. It is also good as an eye base. 

Overall I'm very very happy with this collection, hmm, didn't try the nail colours though. Hehe..

Here are some of the looks I have created using this collection. Enjoy!!

Leave a comment below if you're interested to give them a try! 

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