13 May 2015

Stage / Character Makeup Workshop @ UTEM

remember back when I was in university, all students were required to take co-curriculum subjects as part of the requirements to graduate. And I remember the only exciting thing that was offered was Gamelan. I tried to recall what other subjects offered, but they were not memorable at all. The first semester it was offered, I didn't get it, as I sent in the application quite late during the day, I think. So I ended up with something I can't share with you all, reason being, I simply don't remember... The following semester I was determined to get it, so I submitted my application first thing in the morning.

And I got it! I was so happy and I really enjoyed that class. Now I can't play any Gamelan instrument to save my life, but back then, I could play quite decent. I passed the test with flying colours to boot!

That's why when I was invited to teach for a Theatre class at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTEM), I was so ecstatic. Why didn't we have this back then? It would be such a fun class to be in.  Don't you think?

On the day that I taught, the class started out with some rehearsals of short plays that the students prepared for their assignments. Also while waiting for the rest of the class to arrive. This part have not changed much from my uni days.. Heheh.. Anyways, I got to see some of them in action, which was quite impressive. It showed that they were committed with their assignments. Some were funny and some were serious.

I was given an hour slot for my workshop, which is quite short for stage makeup class. So I shared what I thought the most important tools to know and quite useful for quite a lot of different character makeup - the light theory also known as contouring and highlighting. So I covered the theory part, had a quick little demo on the lecturer, and let the students did the contouring and highlighting on their own faces. All in under an hour! The students were given 30 minutes to do their own makeup, and their task was to make their faces to look like old folks. Heheheh...

During demo

I had an enthusiastic group of students on that day, so once given the tools, they were well on their way to old age. Haha.

They were really into it.. 
Comparing fine lines and wrinkles

Over all, I was so happy to have such sporting group of students to teach on that day. They were all so friendly and very eager to try. I even gave them grey hairs just to make them look realllllyyy old!

Say hello, grandpa!
Funky gramps with spiky hair :)
How sporting are they to try this unflattering makeup on their faces??

For more photos from the class, please go to my Facebook page. Till next post, bye bye!

I was the 'youngest' in this group photo. Love it!

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