26 May 2015

Bridal Hair Class with Ayangkamell

I've been wanting to go to Ayangkamell's Bridal Hair Class for a while now. I really love all his bridal updos and it is one of the many reasons why it made me follow him on his social media pages.  I attended his makeup class before, organized by my partner-in-crime way back then, Awin. It was a very enjoyable and an eye-opening class. 

I know there are a lot of talented makeup artists in Malaysia that have great makeup and hairdo skills, but among the reasons why I like Ayangkamell's style is because he has a very nice flair when it comes to updos, and his style is both simple and elegant. I swoon everytime he uploads any of his work on Instagram (stalker, much? :P). Hehe..

Anyways... After a while, the time was right for me to join his class so I asked Zam aka Alkazam Da Cute to register me for this session. 

I always look at Ayangkamell as one of my sifus, but he is so down to earth that he treated all of us in the class not as students, but his colleagues, peers. For someone with 20 years in the industry, he wasn't stingy with his experience at all. He simply shared with us. All questions were answered best to his knowledge. 

The class was structured to have two sections: theory and practical. He covered all the basics to doing bridal updos and products he uses while on the job. He shared the tools, the brands, where we can get it, who should we ask for, etc. Like I mentioned, he just gives. The theory ended with a demo on how to achieve two different buns: high and low. I really appreciate the explanation on how he execute every step of the process. 

Next, the practical! I was sweating hahaha.. We had to do both high and low buns so he could give us feedback and points for future improvements. I started with the low bun first because I thought it was easier. Well, not at all. The demo seemed so easy and straightforward. But there I was, sweating like crazy. But I did manage it with the help of Ayang and fellow participants. Fuuuhhh!!! Moving on to high bun. I knew it wasn't gonna be easy so I was prepared for the worst. But again I managed to pull through with Ayang's help. 

Thank god for this practical session. I get to see how different different type of hair required different preparation and it would bring different outcome. In this section of the class, Ayang went around the room correcting or improving our techniques. I also got to ask him different scenarios when dealing with updos. And of course he entertained to all of my questions. 

I really appreciate the structure and contents of this class. It has a good context, really manageable modules and easy to comprehend. I think what makes it so engaging is the trainer himself. Thank you Ayangkamell for being so generous in your class. I am truly grateful to have an awesome sifu like you. 

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