24 June 2015

Spot The Difference aka My Skin Story

OMG.. I found an old photo of meself! I was so shocked when I saw this 😱😱😱.

Anyways... Before we examine the differences, let me state the points of similarity for the comparison photo below:
  • I am in both pictures :D
  • Both pictures were taken while I was in a car
  • I was wearing makeup in both pictures. Although the left one didn't look like it, I was wearing foundation and powder. On the right, I also had my eyes and lips done on top of my foundation and powder
  • Both pictures are of high quality resolution - Left one taken by my Sony Cybershot, and right one with iPad (that's the camera I use for my daily #motd pictures anyways)
  • I did not, in any way, edit or use filter on these photos. I simply cropped and stitched them together.
Can you spot the differences? I can :P
Picture on the left was taken in 2008, while the one on the right was taken this year, about a couple months back. So there's a 7-year gap between those two. In 2008, that was when I just ended my year long makeup artistry course.

If you notice in the picture on the left, my eye areas looked like there's a hint of green.. I was covering a very bad burnt effect due to bad reaction to cosmetics that I put on my face for the makeup class. So I was trying to use makeup to cover up, and it definitely wasn't enough. The surface of my cheeks also looking rough from the scars despite the foundation that I had on. Eye bags? Well those look very apparent as well. Besides that, there are also scars on my forehead area, even though I attempted to cover them with my fringe.

Back then, I learned about skincare and makeup from my makeup academy. But to be honest, the skincare was just in theory,as they concentrated on the makeup a lot. I was also advised not to wear makeup on the days that I didn't have makeup class to 'save' my face. I didn't understand it back then. But now, looking back, it's as if that it was expected that wearing makeup will somehow have damaging effect on the skin. So true enough, by the end of my makeup course, my face was burnt. I have the picture, but I don't have the courage to share it yet. I went to dermatologist and had and skin prick test for all the things I put on my face.  Apparently almost everything gave me allergic reaction, except for a couple of products. My skin is really really REALLY sensitive. My other classmates in the same course didn't have the same reaction I was having. That's how I found out. My dermatologist then consulted me with some medications (which I had to take for almost a year) and asked me to stop wearing makeup and the skincare that gave me the allergic reaction.

After that I just had to wash my face with really mild cleanser and use basic moisturizer with Vitamin E and sun block. Throughout this period, I didn't put makeup on my face at all, so imagine having to go to work with naked 'burnt' face. Not a confident booster for sure, I'm telling you. Everybody noticed and even asked if I was 'okay' cos I looked 'tired'. Yup, that was how bad it was.

My skin continues to be better but at a very slow pace. It took me a couple of years (yes, years..) to get the burnt areas to clear up. And after the makeup course I didn't really put on makeup on daily basis, just on special occasions and only on my clients' faces.

Then about a year ago, I learned about how to take care of skin from a friend, Waheeda. I was skeptical at first, not to mention was very cautious too, about putting on stuff on my skin since it's so super sensitive. But I tried anyways, since she comforted me, saying that we could stop at anytime if I had any reaction. So I went and tried on till the end. I was trying a new brand of foundation and so my friend shared with me the right way to care for our skin before testing the foundation on. I really appreciate her sharing and I absolutely LOVE the foundation (no joke!). Because of the foundation, I decided to sign up as a 'beauty consultant' with Mary Kay. Let me be frank to you, I always buy my makeup supply at a discount, regardless of brands. I really use my professional certificate to my advantage. So same with this instance :D. Signed up, and since I have discounts for the products, I bought my skincare as well because, why not? I have tried it and it didn't give me reactions. The starter kit that I first got came with an anti-aging range so I got another range for my personal use, which is milder for my skin - the Botanical Effects. After a month of using it, I notice my nose became smoother. The blackheads somehow melted away. I also found that my face became brighter. I was surprised for this as the range is not a 'whitening' range. It just showed that with the right regime, your skin will be as bright as it can and will be in its most optimum condition.

After 3 months, I graduated to the anti-aging range, the Timewise. You know, I thought my skin was already in its best condition with the previous range, but boy was I wrong. I COULD get better. I was so excited to see the changes, it motivated me to continue taking care of my skin.

The picture on the right hand side was taken a year after I started using Mary Kay skincare. My skin really got a lot better. AND...... nowadays I get to wear makeup almost everyday! Or whenever I feel like it - which I absolutely love. I don't need a lot of foundation, because the skin underneath is good, the makeup I need is just enough to even out the skin tone and to protect from the external elements. Sometimes, just a layer of CC Cream and I'm good to go. I get to play with colours everyday, I don't have to 'save face' because the makeup and skincare work together to improve my skin.

What's your skin story? I'd love to hear them :)

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