01 June 2015

NPU: Endless Performance Creme-to-Powder Foundation, Eyeliner andLiquid Eyeliner Pen by Mary Kay

I had the chance to try out the newly launched products by Mary Kay a few days before it was available to everyone and I was sooooo excited!

They are launching new, staple products for their regular line and that means, it's going to be available all year round starting this month. When I said staple, I mean products that you can use everyday. These are the things you might want to invest it for great daily looks.

A lot of my close friends know how I swear by the Mary Kay Timewise Matte-wear Liquid Foundation, as it gives me just enough coverage and I absolutely love the consistency. Now I'm even more excited as I got to try the new Endless Performance Creme-to -Powder foundation. It is a cream foundation in a 10-gram pan that you apply with sponge (I love wet sponge) to give you full coverage.  It comes in five shades; Ivory 1, Ivory 2, Beige 1, Beige 2 and Bronze 1.

Endless Performance Creme-to-Powder Foundations

Just like the liquid foundation, this cream foundation smooth over your skin so easily and it gives more coverage that I'm used to when I was using the liquid foundation. The coverage is full, and it glides over my skin so easy. I can choose to set it it with powder for more matte finish or leave it for more dewy finish. I haven't tried it on dry skin, but since I have combination skin, it sets more dewy for me. What I like about it, is that it feels very light on my face. I'm giving this two thumbs up!! I actually tried it on my face, but I forgot to take pictures before I washed it off! Arrghhh!!!

What the foundations look like inside.

Mary Kay's Eyeliner is the eyeliner that I reach out and wear everyday. So you  have to understand my excitement when I know they are relaunching the range with new formula and more colours! I'm most excited with this range compared to the other products launched this month.. Hehehe.. So, they have new colours with this range; MK Deep Brown, MK Dark Denim, MK Steely, MK Turquoise and MK Black. It comes in a retractable pencil, just like the previous formula.

Retractable Mary Kay Eyeliners

I LOVE this eyeliner!! The colour is more pigmented, and creamy when I put it on. And it really stays on. I mean, really, stays ON! Talk about long-lasting. I was having some allergic reaction on my lids for few weeks now (that explains why the lack of #motd posts on my Instagram). So I tried on my eyes and really used the eye makeup remover to take it off. I even swatched in on my forearms and I didn't remove it immediately. Six hours later, I tried washing and rubbing it off with water. And It wouldn't come off, literally wouldn't budge! So I know it's water and smudge proof! Wooho!! Love this! Two thumbs up!

The retractable eyeliners swatches after 6 hours! It wouldn't budge!

Last product I tried was the Liquid Eyeliner Pen. It comes in only one colour, black, in a pen with felt tip. The felt tip really helped with the application if you're just trying out eyeliner as part of your daily routine. The sharp end surely helps with the cat eyes or glamour liner precision. However, what I didn't like about it was that, it is not waterproof and it doesn't finish off as really matte. You can easily wash it off with water.  So, if you're a fan of pen eyeliner, you might want to set it with your eye shadow or you can use it to get the shape of the eyeliner on your lids, then follow through with a gel liner if you want to make it last longer. Because I know it's sometimes easier to use this pen first to get the shape as opposed to using gel liner on a brush, especially for newbies. One BIG pros to having a non-waterproof eyeliner? Obviously, it's wudhu' friendly!!

Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Swatches of the retractable eyeliners and the liquid eyeliner pen

I haven't got a chance to create looks using these products yet, but do follow my Instagram as I'll be updating more looks there! Till next post, kisses!

P/S: Please Whatsapp me for appointments to try out any of these products!

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